riverBI leverages the power of artificial intelligence to empower your business across your entire organization at every level.

Our consultants work with you to empower your data to more effectively serve your stakeholders. We ensure that your team members, customers, and prospects to have the information they need to make effective and optimal decisions.

Implement the most valuable way to bring the data that matters most to the forefront. Scalable processes to automatically integrate all of your data sources to leverage the power of the Einstein Platform.

Certifications You Can Trust

All of our consultants have multiple Salesforce certifications that ensure they have the technical avility to solve your toughest business problems.

Salesforce certifications

What Our Customers Are Saying


Bringing your business to a true data source you trust.


Use integration with integrity to unite all of your important data, centralize your analysis to the Worlds Fastest and most acceptable use case. Data needs to be actionable. Developing a workflow that empowers you to go from a report to the source to take action. Developing integrations where from your report, you can update your team, company, or the data itself, without removing you from your analysis. Studying your esthetic and meeting your employees, we can create environments and analytics that fit their everyday workflow, to ensure they stay engaged and on top of needed actions.

Advantages of working with riverBI

  • Shorter Development Cycle
  • Quickly Deploy Model to Salesforce
  • Relieve Data Science Team
  • Deploy more models
  • Fast Model Testing
  • Empowers Data Citizenship
  • Scale Data Science
  • Recycle Models
  • Analysts can build prediction
  • Analysts can Build Historical Analyses
  • Understand the black box
  • See what needs to be improved
  • Fast Model Testing
  • Quickly explore predictions
  • Automated – continuous model improvement
  • Contextual Recommendations
  • Collaborate with a team, and share findings
  • Low Maintenance / Friendly Customization
  • Easily Extend Einstein to Other Business Systems
  • Extends Insights to Standard Salesforce Reports
  • Democratize Access to Intelligence
  • Re-use models in different contexts
  • Lowers barrier of entry for model mapping
  • Accessibility – Personalized Predictions
  • Historical Performance Comparison
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