Rapid Deployment Business Intelligence

rapid deployment business intelligence process

The riverBI Rapid Deployment Process is designed to clearly define your needs and specifies a minimally viable product that can be quickly implemented. You get an artificial intelligence enhanced business intelligence tool that provides immediate ROI.

  1. Define business needs and pain points. 
    • You tell us your business objectives, we evaluate your current situation, and then define a solution that provides you with a scalable and successful project. 
  2. Model data objects and relationships. 
    • We get an understanding of your data that exists in various business systems, then we define custom objects and fields that provide a single source of truth.  
  3. Proof of Concept defines requirements and functionality. 
    • We define proof of concept as a functional test with your data or surrogate data that tests a functional solution that allows you to understand the solution’s capabilities. 
  4. Define the Minimally Viable Product, KPIs, and Statement of Work. 
    • We define a turnkey solution that fully enables you to use the model and get business results as quickly as possible. 
  5. Development Sprint 
    • We run our sprints using agile development methodologies, with our developers continually interacting with your team to ensure the project meets your objectives.
  6. Project Review: Validate results, identify differences. 
    • In this stage we evaluate KPIs, validate the model against your source of truth. Frequently new opportunities are uncovered and added to the future development backlog. 
  7. Create user manuals and train users. 
    • We create technical documentation that can be used for training and future reference. We ensure a good user experience that boosts end-user adoption, providing you with increased ROI. 
  8. Implement across the company.
    • The model can be deployed and shared with your entire team. We facilitate meetings and training sessions to ensure go-live success. 
  9. Evaluate effectiveness and ROI.
    • Once the project is implemented, we work with you to evaluate if your objectives were met and plan the next steps. 

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