Revolutionizing COVID-19 Tracking with Forecasting

A couple of weeks ago, an Associate Partner of ours pointed out that Tableauhad launched a COVID-19 Tracker and Resource Hub, and asked – if we could do something with Einstein Analytics to maybe add a unique perspective?

We quickly noticed that there were no other trackers employing forecasting features; and with that, a simple observation gave birth to a project to contribute and add value to the existing ongoing efforts.

An obvious requirement was a portal to publish updates and analyze data, but on top of that, we would implement the possibility of diving into that data at the click of a button or tap of the screen. The instantly mobile and desktop dashboards could allow for anyone to conduct a deeper analysis and gain a better understanding of what is happening in the world around them with a simple tap or click.

Moreover, with the addition of basic trends and the Timeseries analysis feature, people could track the speed that the (confirmed) cases spread. Not only would we be able to forecast spread, but also potential fatalities. In effectively understanding this data during critical times where uncertainty represents such a crippling factor, the most significant value that the dashboard brought to the table – is the ability to forecast what awaits us in the long run. When officials order people to stay home; the big apple is put on lock down; and the unknown is shutting down the market, showing the actual number of confirmed cases in relation to the population could help to understand the value of the measures taken.

The impact of COVID-19 is global. We feel that ability to socialize insights in a time where isolation and social distancing are the norm, will bring us closer to driving a positive impact at a commensurate scale. With this goal in mind, Einstein Analytics shows itself as the perfect platform to leverage by allowing us to:

  • Quickly setup a Dashboard
  • Drag and Drop Maps
  • Easily Import External Data
  • Rely on High Fidelity Visuals
  • Share with Communities
  • Keep Data Up-to-Date with a simple API
  • Calculate trends with the ease of Timeseries
  • Enable Binding / Dynamic Filtering Out-of-the-Box

Within minutes, the first version of the dashboard was up and running.

Solutions like Tableau and Einstein allow visually stunning, intuitive and dynamic dashboards to be set up quickly; whereas with other solutions you may need to bring in a skilled designer and programmers to build out the dashboard from scratch. With these other solutions, you would still need a developer or skilled analyst to manually write a series of queries; and in some more traditional cases, you would need an apt developer to parse and properly tie data to the visualization. In Einstein Analytics, you can drag and drop visualizations onto the canvas, and simply click to add sources, filters, and dimensions. What would traditionally require many hours and a dynamic team, can be built better and faster by a single resource.

Stay tuned for Updates.

COVID-19 US population infection rate
COVID-19 world population infection rate
COVID-19 infection rate time graph

Screenshots of the CoronaTracker – April of 2020

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