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Combine Multiple Data Sources Into A Single Truth

Business data is spread throughout your organization, living in various systems that are selected by, and optimized for, different teams. Although each system may be the right solution for each team, the separate systems create a complex and serious business problem. Your teams become divided, each making decisions based on the data in their tools.  

riverBI helps companies unlock their data to provide accurate, real-time information on how your business is performing and, more importantly, what needs immediate executive attention. This is done by combining data from multiple systems, analyzing it in real-time, to provide true business intelligence, not just reporting. Unlock your data silos to :

  • Improve Executive Efficiency
  • Increased Sales Organization Performance
  • Decrease Costs

Intelligent Company Dashboards

Combining and analyzing data across a variety of platforms provides insights that can’t be obtained by looking at reports from any single source. The data is combined and analyzed immediately, providing a real-time picture of the business that is shared throughout the organization. 

There is no need to request a report and wait days for analysts to import data from various systems and manually put together complex reports. Get the information you need immediately, off-loading repetitive tasks to free up analyst time for more strategic work. 

Multi-Source KPIs

Dynamic access to data from all company systems provide a deeper, more complex,  understanding of your business. Support your business strategy with Key Performance Indicators that combine data from across all company operations. Real-time tracking of KPIs allow you to spot emerging business problems as they are happening, not at the end of the month when it’s too late to react. 

Analyzing data from a variety of sources enables:

  • Executives can focus your attention where needed to proactively take action to help meet your monthly and quarterly goals. 
  • Individual sales reps can see, at any time, whether they are on track to meet their sales quota. This allows them to focus on immediate problems and shift their attention where they can be most effective. 
  • Human Resources data can be combined with user performance data to evaluate key performance attributes and whether your team is under or over performing.
  • Compare revenue and profitability across market segments by combining data from your marketing database, CRM and ERP systems, enriched with 3rd party data.

Immediate Benefits

Advantages of letting riverBI help with your Einstein Analytics rollout includes:

  • Set proper expectations
  • Fast Rollout
  • Quickly identify problems
  • Increased adoption
  • Less ongoing training
  • Valuable insights
  • Easy to maintain solutions
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