Einstein Discover

Crucial predictive insights and recommended actions that help you to make better-informed decisions daily.

Einstein AI allows you to analyze data from all your business systems in one model, allowing you to understand historical trends to predict future outcomes in ways you never could before. 

Artificial intelligence can continually analyze data from all your business systems and not only find business problems before they become a trend, but it can also recommend, in real-time, actions your company can take to improve future outcomes. These recommendations can be pushed down to the individual business applications, providing better information to your entire team in the tools they already use. 

  • Improve Sales Organization Performance
  • Improve Data-Driven Intelligence Culture
  • Improved Positioning
  • Decrease Costs

Historical Analysis

A simple interface to allow analysts to build complex machine learning regressive analysis.

What happenedGet descriptive insights of historical business trends using data from all your business systems. 
Why it happenedReview in detail how the system is weighting prediction and historical analysis, and the impact each detail has on business results.
Live data PredictionsInclude models in transaction record data. End-user receives recommendations from the model on how to improve, or to avoid mistakes.

Sales Improvement

Quickly determine sales team or individual rep performance.

Combine multiple sources of business data into a single vision of the truth.

  1. Combining pre-sales data (which could be SFDC) with order completion data (which could be an Oracle database) to track (?????)
  2. Combining Human Resources data with the user data performance, in order to evaluate whether a sales rep is under or over performing and act based on pre-defined KPIs.
  3. Combining market analytics data from sources such as DNB which tracks the entire company hierarchy to be able to segment the accounts better, and scale. Compare credit with sales, to get a credit rating.

Predict How Discounts Will Affect Revenue

Predict how discounting will affect sales, including sales cycle time, close rate, and win rate. 

Determine How Advertising Can Impact This Quarter’s Revenue

Combining campaign data from online and social media advertising campaigns and comparing it to historical revenue trends allow you to predict the effectiveness of digital advertising. Integrate data from Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sources to predict revenue.

Reduce Churn 

Clear and consistent visualization of its churn rate is a must for any company that wants to improve its product quality, therefore improving the profit. Predict the likelihood of customer churn, and find what you can do to now to immediately reduce churn rate. 

Dynamic customer behavior monitoring, such as tracking support cases, software downloads, and other actions enables you to focus on a broader set of KPIs.   This helps ensure a deeper understanding of the more complex aspects of the business.

Improve Analyst Effectiveness

Einstein artificial intelligence off-loads low-value, repetitive tasks from your analysts, allowing them to do more strategic work that helps you reach your goals. Analysts can quickly build sophisticated statistical and predictive models using the riverBI “Click to Deploy” wizard.

Model versioning and backup frees analysts to test more scenarios, a greater variety of data models, and quickly return to prior model versions as needed.

Benefits of having riverBI help implement Einstein Discover solutions at your company includes:

  • Analysts can build prediction models
  • Analysts can use machine language to conduct historical analyses
  • Fast Model Testing
  • Shorter Development Cycle
  • Quickly explore predictions
  • Automated continuous model improvement
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