Einstein Language

Receive crucial predictions and recommended actions that could help you to make better-informed decisions on a daily basis.

Understand the words customers use to better leverage your data insights and connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Einstein Language allows you to interpret customer words in chatbots, emails, and other documents to pave the way for faster response and more immediate support for your products or services. Use AI to help maximize your customer engagement and satisfaction by suggesting thought-provoking conversation points.

AI Language Processing Benefits

Improved Support

Improved SupportUse your brand personality in answers to bring your personality to your client instantly.
Case DeflectionReduce case submission by allowing customers to quicky get answers to their questions without interacting with support personnel. This saves you money and your clients get support faster.
Increased Customer SatisfactionReduced wait times and quicker response times improve customer satisfaction.

Shorter Sales Cycles

Website visitors can get answers to their pre-sales questions 24/7. This allows them to self-identify as prospects and provide your sales team with valuable insights into customer needs and where they are in the buying cycle. Leverage AI to shorten the sales cycle and reduce sales efforts.


Conversational BotsHowever user chats, the bot will be able to differentiate without explicitly being directed.
Interactive FAQsCreate an integration of your forums, support answers, community questions, and FAQ, all into a friendly conversational interface.
Community BotsClient Focused Bots to help customers get answers in context with your business and their individual account.
In Context ActionsSchedule meetings, request order updates, make new orders, check on contracts. Reschedule conversations.
Data QueryWhen blended with Einstein Analytics you can answer questions like, what are my top 10 products? Or how many of X should I order next month?
Easy Improvement CategorizationQA engineers can help train by categorizing unanswered questions. (Democratized Training)

Einstein Language Attributes

Improved Continuous Self ImprovingAutomatically understands similar questions, and automatically submits new questions for QA review. So that you can add new questions without needing an engineer.
With more interactions, bots become increasingly accurate.
Inherently SemanticAutomatically, without engineering efforts, conflate overlapping words/phrases like “What is” and “What’s”.
Interactive CommunicationInclude your personality into answers that will help bring your personality to your client instantly.
Shortened Development CycleQA and customer success teams are given the ability to categorize questions and immediately submit them for AI training.

Business Problems Solved with Einstein Language Processing

  1. Handle knowledge base FAQs to solve more cases without human interaction.
  2. Allow self-service for basic requests such as order status, changes to order, or updates on contact information.
  3. Create a customized guide for the user to follow, with the steps, videos, and images.
  4. Connect to external data sources to populate your bot.
  5. Create custom surveys when the chat session ends that relate to the specific customer inquiry.
  6. Create bot-to-lead workflows to capture leads and their status.
  7. Send relevant, customized emails during or after the conversation.
  8. Add humor into the conversation where appropriate.
  9. Automatically create cases or CRM tasks as needed.
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