Einstein Vision

Harness the power of image recognition and classification for your business.

Einstein Vision has made it possible for businesses to leverage their data to drive productivity in all areas of business. Harness the power of image recognition, branding identity, and messaging to drive productivity across your business.

Find products and objects that could offer you productive upsell opportunities. In addition, take a deeper look into how often your brand is shared on popular platforms. Einstein Vision has made it you to leverage their data to drive productivity in all areas of your business.

Uses Cases

  • Visual Search
    • Search for Similar Products 
    • Locate where to Buy
  • Brand detection
    • Monitor user-generated images 
  • Product identification
    • Identify product issues
    • Discover which products are out of stock 

Einstein Vision Capabilities

ai object detection

Object Detection

Detect distinct objects in an image.

ai image classification

Image Classification

Predict the class of a specific object in an image.

ai scene classifier

Scene Classification

Determine the type of scene using the layouts of objects in the image

ai optical character recognition


Optical Character Recognition creates text from an images.

How Einstein Vision is Unique

Einstein Vision has many characteristics that allow complex image recognition and characterization solutions to be quickly deployed. These include:

  • Pre-Built Classifiers
  • Adversarial Neural Network
  • Contextualized
  • Clean API
  • Easy Training Management
  • Fast rollout
  • AI-enabled Continual Improvement

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